Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day

It escapes me what we did most of Labor Day. I do know Jansen was born on Labor Day 7 years ago. And I do know that we went up to Mt. Charleston in the afternoon. A few friends joined us and we had a picnic dinner. This is a picture of us driving towards cooler weather.

It was fairly crowded, but we didn't have a problem finding a parking spot or a place to sit and eat. At home we had to dig through our clothes and find some pants and long sleeves to wear. It certainly wasn't cold up there though. It felt awesome. Jansen and his buddy Weston spent most of their time wearing Proton Packs and fighting off ghosts.

We had a great time talking with friends and enjoying the cool air. I'm glad we got it into gear and planned this last minute outing.

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Kati said...

We went up to Mt. Charleston for Labor Day too, the weather was so nice!