Saturday, September 1, 2012

Natalie Girl, Birthday Girl

Natalie is officially 5. Her birthday was August 29th. She really wanted to open presents before school, so we woke up before the birds and did a quick job of it. I did a little candy trail to her presents. 

As I looked through the photos of Natalie opening her presents, every one of them had one of my bras hanging in the picture. Luckily I found one I could crop and things were still appropriate for all ages.

She loves this stuffed German Shepherd we gave her. Even though she is my own flesh and blood, I am grossed out by her tongue-in-the-gap thing.

I love this picture from my phone. Her playful brown eyes and sprinkle of freckles really stand out. That night we had chocolate chip pancakes for dinner as per her request. 

We had a little party for her a few days before her actual birthday. She wanted an M&M cake and this one popped up on Pinterest. 

She chose Hello Kitty invitations, but the party was really all about making and creating things. She didn't realize until a few days before the party that it wasn't Hello Kitty themed. Oops. 

Like I said, we just made a lot of things...Shrinky Dinks, bracelets, paper towel butterflies, perler bead designs, etc. 

I thought Jansen might want to hang out upstairs and play on the computer or something. I was very wrong. He wanted to be right in the middle of the party, and Natalie was totally ok with that.

Cake time! She chose mint chocolate chip ice cream to go along with the chocolate cake.

She had a lot of fun with her presents that afternoon.

Here is a page from her scrapbook she worked on.

A few things about Natalie...

-She loves fruit. She eats a couple bananas a day along with a few other types of fruit. 
-She loves to snack as well. She is always wanting a little something to eat.
-She still likes me to rock her before bed. All this really entails is her sitting on my lap for a minute in her rocking chair. She also needs 12 kisses on the forehead before bed. 
-She sleeps with a sound machine on and a weird pink night light. I don't know how she does it. It's like a party going on in her room all night.
-Littlest Pet Shops continue to her favorite toy. She plays with them everyday and makes up "stories."
-She loves to go on bike rides, especially with dad.
-She loves the show Strawberry Shortcake right now. She also loves Wild Kratts and Diego. She loves computer time.
-She can read a little, and loves to sit and look through books.
-She only likes kindergarten ok, but doesn't complain a lot. I like that about her. She does what needs to be done.
-She is a busy little girl, always collecting, coloring, or cutting something up.
-She always wants to say the prayer at dinner or bedtime. I think this is because she can control the length of it. :)
Love you Natalie girl!

5 comments: said...

oh yeah!

love, Jansen

Kati said...

I made that same cake for Jaron's birthday...I called it "death by chocolate" because it was so rich!

kiki comin said...

you are one amazing momma! the party looked perfect for natalie.:)

Kendra said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! The cake is so cute, good job.
Oh and I love the picture of her sticking her tounge through her diastima (that's what it is called) Maddie had the same thing!!

kelsadkins said...

Seriously, you are so great! Your kids will never realize (until they're grown up) how much you personalize things for them and help them develop their personalities. Natalie is such a neat little girl - happy belated birthday to her!