Friday, June 8, 2012


Nate has been in Honduras for 2 weeks. I can hardly wait for him to come home this weekend. The first week he was gone seemed to crawl, but this last week has passed quickly. I think it's because we have been busy since it was the last week of school for Jansen. You get used to doing everything on your own, but I have had some real rough days. Days that have tried my patience like I couldn't believe. But I have a small sense of accomplishment...holding down the fort on my own and never completely losing it. It always feels good to do hard things and to know that you actually benefited from the struggle.

Nate and I both agree that short separations like these are actually for good our marriage as well. We appreciate one another so much more and communicate in ways that are different from our usual day to day interactions. It's a painful feeling to miss someone, but I've been so thankful that I have someone I miss that dearly. Know what I mean?

I have also felt strengthened as I have prayed a lot for patience and also peace at night time. I have spent plenty of nights alone, and I never seem to get used to it. I am often scared and don't sleep well. This time around I have made a real effort to replace my fears with faith. I have felt calm at night. 

There will certainly be more separations in our future, but it's reassuring to know that these types of experiences ultimately benefit our family if I let them. 


Anonymous said...

It's a milestone for sure. Good job!

Knudson Family said...

Jess, I agree. I always appreciate John so much more after a short separation, and it feels better to just sit and enjoy the family when he comes home and not worry about the dishes. Because thats what you've been doing the entire time he's been gone! I bet Nate will have some fun stories to tell too.

Annie said...

As long as you have mace under your pillow and a fake security system sign outside your house you really have nothing to worry about.

So glad he is coming home and that you aren't alone any more! Two weeks is a REALLY long time! You make him bathe and put the kids to bed the first night he's home!

dockters said...

Two weeks is a long time!

This was just what I needed to read tonight. Eric is on call, and while this is definitely not a new thing, I never like him being gone. I hardly sleep, too! I'm going to try to follow your example.

Kent and Leisy said...

seeing you in vegas and being so close to your mom and siblings has really made me consider placing vegas or idaho atop our wish list for our next spot! and I never thought I would say that! spending nights alone is always lame-o- but I very much agree that it makes us appreciate each other so much more!!

Lindsey said...

You put it so nicely. My thoughts exactly--although I really dread those 2 week long separations. It's doable once a year, but more than that is outright awful! It's always the case for me that the first week drags and then the second week goes much quicker. I feel like it's because they are coming home soon and the end is closer in sight. You know you just have to make it through 3 more days instead of 12 or whatever it might be. I've slowly gotten used to being along during the night, but there are still some nights that I'm extra scared. Those nights there's definitely more prayers and one in my heart as I fall asleep!