Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 Hours From Here

With Nate in Honduras on an Air Force medical mission trip, I decided to drive to Utah for Memorial Day weekend. Some moms wouldn't bat an eye at driving 5 hrs with 3 kids, but it took some courage for me to decide to make the trip. It went really well though, and I will definitely do it again when the opportunity arises. 

It was a cousin and friend fest. My picture taking was sporadic, but here are some pictures I got...

It was also an animal fest, and if Emmy could say it, I'm sure she'd tell us that the pets were her favorite part of the trip. This is Lexi's dog Bailey. This is also either right before or after Emmy ate the dog treat we handed her that was intended for Bailey. She chewed, crunched, and swallowed it. And asked for more.

There are probably 30 pictures on my camera of Chloe under the bed. Jansen and Natalie got a little carried away.

Just hanging out with a Dora yogurt.

More hanging out...on the hammock at the Pectol's cabin.

Okay, now we're really hanging out.

It was a perfect Memorial Day afternoon up the canyon.

Jansen and Natalie love their second cousins. They are so good to my kids.

We got to see Monica one last time before she moved to California. Cara and her kids were able to make it too...I was so happy. 4 out of these 6 kids were born in O-H-I-O.

We definitely made time for some tree climbing. 

And although I am a particularly cautious mom, I did not make my kids put on helmets to climb trees. They had been riding bikes.

We made time for cookies as well.

A big thanks to these guys for just stepping in of their own accord and being "dad" to Natalie and Emmy. 

Best of all, I'll be heading back in a couple weeks to see Lexi's baby girl! This time I will be without kids.


Annie said...

Jealous that I wasn't there to hang out with you guys! I love seeing all of your pictures of your fun trip.

Nathaniel Nye said...

Amen to that, Annie! Wish I was there rather than swatting flies and dodging malaria in Honduras. Emmy already looks like a different girl, definitely older than the Emmy I left behind. Looking forward to a weekend with the kids while you go up to see Lexi, babe!!

Anonymous said...

I miss you guys. Proud of you Nate. Grandma Becca

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Such a fun trip! I LOVE all your pictures! So glad you had a great time with family, and friends, and especially that you got to see old friends from OHIO! So fun! And glad you survived the drive :)

Shane's Angie said...

I heart Lexi in moms big Elmo jacket. I'm catching up and I love it! Your blog always makes me smile!!