Monday, June 25, 2012

Red Rock Hike

Nate had some time off a couple weeks ago. We had tentatively planned to go to San Diego, and I had all our bags packed on the day we intended to leave. We had been so busy prior to his time off that we hadn't planned well and the trip felt rushed and unorganized. We decided not to go, so we now had some open days ahead of us. We really didn't want to waste the time away sitting around the house, so we started off the next morning with a hike to Red Rock. 

It's always refreshing (even in the heat) to be in nature. We never regret these little trips together.

 These pictures were taken at a place called Spring Mountain Ranch. We headed there for a little bit after our hike. We topped off the afternoon with gelato at Costco. 

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kayla gazdik said...

I seriously am in love with you kids. Can I have them?