Friday, June 22, 2012

Girls' Day in St. George

Some friends and I have started a tradition of spending a night in St. George and shopping and eating the entire time. We finally worked out a date that would work for all of us, and I was so excited to have something to look forward to. It wasn't ideal, but I would be leaving the day Nate arrived home from Honduras. Well, come to found out that there were some changes to Nate's travel plans, and he would not be home in time. I was devastated, but tried to suck it up and deal with it. Nate thought he might be able to change it, so I lived in suspense for 2 weeks not knowing if I would be able to go. Long story short, I found out on the Friday of our trip that Nate would be home late that night. I missed the hotel stay, but I drove up early Saturday morning and got to be a part of the important stuff.

Important stuff includes our basket exchange. We each fill a basket with our favorite things and this year we included something from our childhood (I put a Punky Brewster DVD in mine), something you can put on your body, and something that starts with one of your initials. It was my job to determine who got which basket. At the last minute I decided that I would read a couple verses from the scriptures, and we would pass the baskets each time a certain word was read. 
Here's Katie examining the contents of her basket.
 Breakfast at Kneader's
 Voyage to the mall
 For those of you that can read, you will already know this was taken at Tai Pan.
 Anyone know where this was taken? Ah yes, DI.
 Our culminating event was a show at Tuacahn. We saw Hairspray, which was awesome, and the scenery was beautiful.
It's moments like these that I realize I have not matured one ounce since high school. Here, take my picture like this.

 Such a cool place!
 Two very memorable moments during the show. 1. One of the cast members belched into the microphone on accident. It took everyone off guard and there were a few minutes of stifled laughter as everyone gained their composure again. 2. It was very windy, and they had to remove a piece of the set because it posed a danger. It had started to fly off whatever it was attached to. Sections of the audience were evacuated temporarily. It was tense for a little while, but they removed it safely and the show continued. 
We drove home late, and I swear I have never been so drowsy while I was driving. I think a big factor was my dry eyes from the wind. We made it home safe...another awesome girls' trip in the books.

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Michelle said...

What a FUN tradition! I am so glad you were able to go!
Isn't Tuachan great? I love that someone belched into the microphone!