Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kidless Trip to Utah

Addison Morgan Bowen born on June 11, 2012
And the reason I got to go to Utah BY MYSELF for 3 days!
It's a little hard to describe the feelings I have for this little one...there is definitely something special about your only sister having her first child. It's like she's already got me wrapped around her bitty finger, and my heart is tied to hers.
 I do not enjoy the infant stage of my own children...they are high maintenance and colicky and I can't wait to for them to grow up a little. But this was completely different! I could have cuddled her all day. 
 And we did cuddle her all day.
 I really didn't take a lot of pictures, but I had SUCH a wonderful time. I even loved every minute of the drive. Lots of time to listen to stuff and think and snack. I wish I could have "helped" Lexi more, but Addison was so little and sleepy that the best I could do was hold her. We went to dinner one night at Shoots down in the Riverwoods.

 I left on a Sunday afternoon after enjoying dinner with family. All it took was a few tears in Lexi's eyes and I was done for. I bolted out the door, all choked up and emotional, and headed back home. 
Nate had the kids, and I think they played harder in those few days than they do in a month's time with me. Nate even told me he almost threw a few things in a bag and headed to the San Diego Zoo with them!!! I'm glad that didn't pan out. :) Nap time was optional, bed time was relative, and staying busy was a must. They really don't get to see Nate much during a regular week, so concentrated time like this is priceless.


Tina said...

I'm so glad you got to go and be with her at that wonderful time. It's always soooo hard for me when my sister or SIL's had their babies and I couldn't be there to help, hold and cuddle. I usually don't see their babies until they are 6 months to a year. (it just worked out that way each time). Sigh... I hope you can see her more, especially since you live close enough to drive. (she's so cute by the way. Cloey was looking over my shoulder and was like, "Oh, wow, she's cuuuute!" And I agree!

Annie said...

I was wondering if she had her yet! She is beautiful. That is so fun you got to go and enjoy your sister and her baby all by yourself!

Monica said...

What a sweet post! Such a cute baby.. I love the name too. Glad you had a good time. :)

Kent and Leisy said...

metta just had her baby this week and your post KILLED me. thanks a lot :) I can't believe our baby sisters have BABIES!! we are waaay too old!!