Monday, June 18, 2012

That Time of Year

...when we have to say goodbye to great friends that are moving.
...when our frozen yogurt intake increases dramatically.
...when school ends!!!
 I guess it was close to 2 weeks ago, but here's a picture from the last day of school. The walk to school at the end of the school year (June) and at the beginning (September) is usually very hot, even at 8:30 in the morning.
 Although next year school is set to start at 7:25 am, so I'm sure we won't always be walking and I'm sure it won't be as hot. I'm not happy about the new start time. It WAS 7:05 until a bunch of moms made many phone calls and sent emails to the district to let them know how ridiculous it is to start school at 7:05 am. There are so many reasons that is a bad idea. Well, we got it bumped up 20 minutes...still awful.
 This is walking home after letting Jansen show up to class to tell his teacher goodbye and then taking off. This moment is a bit staged, although they started holding hands of their own accord. It's just that when I tried to capture it on camera they got a bit cheesy.
 Hello summer! Lots has already happened...lots to blog about already.


taylor and laney said...

love your kids.

Annie said...

Well I guess twenty minutes is better than nothing...I still can't believe they are starting those poor kids that early. Hope your summer is going well. Wish I could go get frozen yogurt with you.

Tina said...

And here I thought our new start time of 7:40 next year sounded awful!! Why can't they start the high school kids earlier so they can actually have after school jobs and let these poor elementary kids sleep longer? Our high school doesn't start until close to 8:40 and gets out around 4:00. Sheesh! I'd take that time in a heart beat! Good luck next year!