Monday, May 14, 2012

A Saturday Recap

A little over a week ago one of Nate's young men had his Eagle project. I laid in bed the morning of and tossed and turned trying to decide if I wanted to drive 2 hours each way to tag along. The alternative was a long Saturday alone with the kids, so I decided we'd all come. We needed be at the church at 6:30 am.

Nate has been working a lot with James to get the project planned and executed. I've also spent many nights  listening from upstairs as Nate helped James with his math homework and encouraged him to go to college and marry in the temple.

This is James's dad. I'll never forget the first time he met me and found out I was "Bro Nye's wife." There was something in his eyes and voice that I can't describe, but he expressed great gratitude for everything Nate had done for his son.

 I really second guessed my decision to come when the park ranger counseled us about rattlesnakes, scorpions, red snakes that bite but won't harm us, etc. 

But we had fun. We walked around the campsite, snacked a lot, hung out in the car, and played some games.

And the boys helped with the project of course.

Nate had an ER shift that night, so we joined my friend who was also husbandless that night and celebrated Cinco de Mayo. 

We had nachos, watermelon and pineapple skewers, and watched Nacho Libre. Hahaha! Perfect way to celebrate right?

THIS is Jansen's take on the day.


Annie said...

Get that corn outta my face! I love Nacho Libre!

kelsadkins said...

Nate is such an amazing guy. I'm sure it helps to know that while you have to "share" him (i.e. church callings, residency obligations, etc...), he does so much good for so many other people. And of course he couldn't do it without you by his side!

Nacho Libre is a hoot! What a great idea for Cinco de Mayo :)

Tina said...

Driving 2 hours both ways and then doing an ER shift that night?! Whooooeeee! That makes me tired just thinking about it. What a guy! And what a supportive wife you are Jess. You guys make such a perfect team for sure!!!

Kendra said...

I didn't realize Nate and I graduation from BYU the same year. His shirt looks a lot nicer than mine though. mine has stains on it from when I was prego ;)