Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Anniversary

We celebrated our 8th anniversary on May 7. We went out on a hot the pizzeria down the street. We decided to do something simple and stay close to home and watch a movie when we got back. I had my coupons ready for a frugal dinner date and of course they didn't accept coupons at that location. We just had to laugh that we spent over $50 at a local pizza place. Now we have LOTS of  leftover pizza frozen in the freezer for many, many lunches to come. We watched We Bought a Zoo that night. 
I forgot my camera, so we have lots of strange phone pictures like this one.
 Nate with his HOT chicken strips.
 I told you they were hot.

On the actual night of our anniversary we plopped on the couch to do some reminiscing. We had hiked Mt. Olympus one summer when we were dating, and as we made the long, hot hike down the mountain, we each took turns recalling a particular date or something we had done together. Nate later said that experience was so valuable to him that he wanted to preserve it, so he typed out all the dates and activities we had mentioned. We now have a little journal of them, and it's priceless! We read through some of them that night. Here are a couple excerpts:

"Those first few awkward times we went grocery shopping together, and we were nervous because we knew the other person was watching everything we bought!"

"That awesome night when we rode our bikes out to Utah Lake and saw all those NASTY, smelly fish in the river, we rode though all those annoying flies, and then as we sat down together (amongst wickedly fast rock spiders) on the lakeshore that little skunk walked right up to us, which was all we needed to say we'd had enough!"

In so many ways, I feel like we are completely different people than we were 8 years ago. I think being parents created a huge (but wonderful) shift. My life is everything I had ever hoped it would be, and I owe that to my incredible husband. It was indeed a happy anniversary.


Annie said...

So good you guys can laugh about a coupon gone bad. That would be something that would ruin my night and make me talk bad about the pizza institution behind it's back. You sure are a handsome couple.

David and Kristi Gailey said...

I like the idea of having a date journal and reminiscing on anniversaries. You guys are so perfect together!

kelsadkins said...

Happy Anniversary, once again. Love you guys!

Did you cry your eyes out while watching We Bought a Zoo? I totally least they didn't show the saddest part (don't wanna ruin it for ppl who haven't seen it...but it concerns a certain large cat). If they would have shown that I would have had an emotional breakdown and had to leave the theater. Haha.