Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Want to Remember

When Natalie carefully studied the face of our rocking horse, created her own horse face, and then assembled a stick horse using objects around the house.

 How Jansen is still very afraid of the wind. Each morning before he gets dressed for school, we have to check the weather. Based on how many miles per hour the wind is that day, he will choose between pants/shorts, long sleeves/short sleeves, etc. The more covered his body is, the safer he feels. Today's high was going to be 103, but he still packed a jacket because it may get windy this afternoon.

Last night he was almost in tears thinking about how today was supposed to be windy. I comforted him, but as I walked out of his room I had the thought, say another prayer with him. We prayed together and I left. I came back minutes later to check on him and that worried little guy was fast asleep. Prayer is powerful.

 How Nate had to work on Mother's Day from 10-10, but he sure made it up to me. Not that he wanted to be at work, but he had chosen that day weeks ago not realizing it was Mother's Day. He ordered me 2 books I can't wait to read, got me a memory foam mattress, and made a pallet shelf I had mentioned something about months ago. You can kind of see it on the bumper of the car.


Ryan Nelson said...

Sad! I didn't even know Nate worked Mother's Day! I would of had you join our Mother's Day :) So funny you talked about Jansen and the wind! I have been thinking of him all night... as we nearly got blown away at our soccer game, when we came home and had part of our patio cover torn off from the wind, and as I sit here listening to it howl outside! I keep thinking, I hope it's not as windy out there cause I know little Jansen would be scared. So grateful prayer always helps :)

Anonymous said...

Remember to tell Jansen he gets his wind intollerance from his Grandma Becca. Sorry. My mom used to call me when it was really windy to see how I was doing. Perhaps someday when he is all grown up you will too. I think that horse of Nat's is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and those pigtails. Love em, love em (he he get it?)

David and Kristi Gailey said...

Jansen and Zach would be a mess together. He is up at 6 every morning watching the wether and when it is rainy he is in the basement waiting it out. Let's pray for a mellow year in Oklahoma. The boy does find peace through prayer, it works.

dockters said...

Does the wind fear come from living in Ohio and all of the tornado warnings?! And this is totally random, but I just realized that my kitchen is exactly like your's...set up is identical.