Monday, May 21, 2012

Chocolate Chips in the Tub and More

Well, let me tell you how this one goes. Dad gave the kids bags of chocolate chips to eat in the bathtub. Emmy's situation went downhill real fast after her bag got water in it.
 This is Emmy's hair when it's not done. Totally cracks me up. She loves carrying around this old bag of cough drops. She has no interest in eating them, I think she just loves having a bag of small, no-no items in her possession.
 We got a basketball hoop for the backyard. Jansen has loved it, and honestly, so have I! The sound of three little basketballs being bounced in the house is actually music to my ears.
 Stickers from Smith's go on chins. Say it three times fast.
 Having some fun with the solar eclipse. 
 I heard the most heartfelt giggle come from the couch the other day. I found Jansen  just cracking up while reading a book. It was one of those moments when time stood still, and I was so thankful to have little ones around.


Kati said...

Jantzen loved that same book and he laughed at it too! I wish Jaedyn only put the Smith's stickers on her face. She has them all over her car's not fun peeling them off when they've sat in the heat!

Anonymous said...

That eclipse shado thing is cool. I guess you were in prime viewing area.