Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Took a Trip

Nate had some time off, so we headed for Utah. It was a wonderful coincidence that it was also Spring Break and General Conference. Grandma Becca's was our first stop, and we enjoyed a beautiful Saturday in Orem. I'm realizing more and more that backyards are magical places. If I have any control over it, I will never live in a home without a fenced backyard for the rest of my life. Jansen created a little dinosaur community in Grandma's backyard that I kind of wanted to play with myself.
Can we all just pray that Emmy never quits with the funny faces? Lately she loves to peek around the corner or walk into a room and just say, "Hi."

Cul-de-sacs are magical too. We spent a fair amount of the afternoon playing in the road with cousins and eating pizza.
Evie and Jansen have a connection. When asked what his favorite part of Utah was he answered, "Playing Animal Heroes at Evie's." I hope they'll be buddies forever.
Go Fish and Old Maid were a hit. We played a few rounds of each over the course of the trip.
Saturday night the men attended the Priesthood Session of conference. You can see a distraught Jansen at the bottom left. He didn't want us to leave. See, the girls had to leave too. To have dinner and caramel apples. He cheered up fast. In fact, this was the night he played Animal Heroes.
In a moment of unselfishness I chose to post the picture in which my eyes are closed. Everyone else looked great, and I love how Aunt Robin is smiling at Emmy. My selflessness knows no bounds.
And there's a baby girl in Lexi's tummy as well!
Mom. I love you.
A trip to Orem would not be complete without some lounging in the family bed. Channels that exist only in my children's wildest dreams can be found here.
 And of course I got to see Kami. She loves me.
 Uncle Anthony. Favorite quote from the trip.
Jansen: "Mom, Anthony has a lighter."
Me: "It's okay, Jansen. He's an adult."
Jansen: "A weird and not so sophisticated adult."
I literally fell across the room howling and laughing and gasping for breath.
As Nate commented to me one morning, Anthony is so great with the kids. The love hearing him meow on the phone.


Miss Amanda said...

Jansen cracks me up! Thanks for posting to facebook so I could come catch up on your family. You are a cute bunch!

taylor and laney said...

This post made me miss your family. please tell your mother hello for me, and Anthony too. And Scott. And tell your sister congrats on the bun in the oven.

Anonymous said...

I think maybe we are all a little weird and unsophisticated adults. Miss you and can't wait till we do it again!

Annie said...

I still can't get used to Jansen with teeth. And I'm excited your sister is having a baby. That's great news. And I now know were you get your "crazy eyes" from. You obviously have a very fun and wonderful family.