Thursday, April 12, 2012

To Salt Lake

Still have some blogging to do about our spring break!

We headed up to Salt Lake after spending some time in Orem. We spent Monday and Tuesday with Nate's family and packed in some good memories. All those pictures from my last post with sunny skies...not to last. It snowed on Sunday and was wet and cold. We still enjoyed being together inside and watching General Conference.
 You'd think being cooped up in the house all day would drive us crazy, but the kids played SO well. They pretty much took care of themselves and moved on from thing to thing with no fights. Although Jansen sure looks ready if there were to be a shake up.
 Did I mention it was cold and snowy? Well...the moms still kind of *insisted* the kids get some fresh air. Fresh air is Nate's specialty. So we bundled them up.
 And these guys took a short walk. Just enough time for us to hide some Easter eggs for a little in-house hunt. 
All defrosted and ready to find some eggs. 
 Inside some of the eggs were temporary tattoos. I drew the line at putting them on their foreheads, but other than that, I let them go crazy. Nothing says tough like a flowery Easter basket adorned with flowers on your forearm. 
 Din Din. It was so wonderful to see everyone.
 Some post-dinner fun at the foosball table. There was a moment that the men realized the pain potential for each of them associated with those foosball handles. And the game took a nasty turn. Everyone's okay.
 Monday was a trip to Temple Square and to the Church History Museum.
 There was some incredible art work from an international art competition on display there. 
Here's one of Nate's favorites:
There were also a lot of fun things for the kids to do. I'd love to go back some day and really look at everything and read all the information available. Can someone older than me that doesn't have kids at home tell me if that ever really happens? You go back to all those museums you went to with kids and get to enjoy them in a new way?
 Here's Natalie in the stroller I bought that morning at a ShopKo. Since we didn't have one with us. Since I've left 3 of them in parking lots. Nate says from now on they have to come out of my birthday money. :)

 Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the flowers. 
 Till next time Utah!

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The Nye's said...

That was TOO fun!! Can't wait to do it again! For some reason I didn't realize how incredibly short Brookie is until I looked at all of these pictures! haha! Next time you are here I say we double date it up to the museum with NO kids!!!