Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jansen's Walk-A-Thon

This post is making me realize I need to research the history of the phrase "a-thon." Walk-a-thon, Read-a-thon, Jump-a-thon...why have I never given a second thought to these strange words? Homework for tonight. :)

Jansen had a walk-a-thon at school last week. It was the first year that the PTO had organized one, and it was a lot of fun. He collected donations to go towards school field trips, a mascot, and the fall carnival. 
 Jansen collected enough money to earn the rockin' red T-shirt he's wearing. He takes these types of events very seriously, and I love his enthusiasm. It was a family walk-a-thon, so Natalie, Emmy, and I came and walked around the field with Jansen. We were a few minutes late, and his teacher told me he was very concerned about where I was and if I was coming. Like I said, these kinds of things are important to him. :)
 I'm glad to see him having some school pride and enjoying 1st grade so much.


Anonymous said...

Jansen has enthusiasm about everything. It is so fun to give him things, talk to him about things. Very loveable kid.

Annie said...

I would have walked ALL day for that t-shirt. You are awesome Jansen! Julia just told me yesterday that she has every intention of marrying that little boy.