Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ah, Yes, Easter Pictures

Is coloring eggs a dying art? (Or dyeing art, haha)

I found myself remembering at the last minute a day or so before Easter that we hadn't dyed any eggs, and I really didn't have a strong desire to do so. But Nate was going to be gone on Saturday, and Emmy would take a nap, so it would be a good thing to keeps the kids busy. Watching them made me realize that even if it wasn't fun to ME anymore, they loved it. So we'll keep doing it.

 The day before Easter we had a ward picnic/egg hunt. As I was getting dressed that day I suddenly spotted my rabbit shirt that Kami gave me years ago. Perfect for an Easter celebration. And then I perfected life again by adding rabbit earrings...that someone says look like Playboy bunnies...and then I took them off but not for that reason. I was just feeling a little too rabbit-ish. 
 I was flying solo at the ward party. Nate was at work. Emmy "hunted" for eggs the same way all the little wee ones did...find one, stop, try to open it, have mom open it, eat what's inside, go find another egg. It's a slow process.

I didn't get a lot of pictures of Easter morning. But here's Emmy after she found her basket.
 And one picture of the other kids. Happy Easter was when I finally got the back of Natalie's hair combed out later that morning. We had dinner with another couple in our ward that afternoon and enjoyed a slow, no-meetings-for-Nate Sunday. 


Anonymous said...

I love the kids aprons. Very cute. Emmy, oh how i love her faces. A little gremlin ready to attack. And I quite like those playboy bunny earings.

Kent and Leisy said...

love the bunny shirt and earrings. I'm excited to see at which age my kids start getting embarrassed at my holiday 'traditions' :) not that there's anything embarrassing about things like bunny shirts and earrings!

Lindsey said...

Look who's the weenie now! You Easter-weenie you.

And as soon as I saw you in the bunny shirt pic, I thought instantly of Kami, not knowing she gave the shirt. Too funny.

And p.s. that pic of Emmy with her basket is my favorite one I've ever seen of her I think. Don't know why, but I got a surge of love for her, whom I've never met, when I saw that pic. Precious.