Monday, February 6, 2012

Touch and Feel

Emmy's new trick is climbing on the kitchen chairs. She's good at it, but it makes me nervous. There are many days that I just lay them on the floor so she can't climb. 

Something else that's making me laugh lately...she has a little touch and feel book called "Little Feet Love." It has lots of different textures for little feet to touch. The problem is, we have lots of those touch and feel type books, and now she only wants to rub the pictures with her feet. 
"Come and meet the animals on the farm. Feel the chick's soft fluffy feathers..." And up comes Emmy's little foot to stroke the chick. 


Anonymous said...

That's cute. One of those things you would forget if not for this nifty record!

Melinda said...

Ha ha! I laughed out loud at myself...while my kids are asleep. :) Too cute.