Thursday, February 9, 2012

If I'm Going to Park Myself in Front of the Computer...

I should at least blog or something.

I always have grand plans for after the kids go to bed. And after the last one has fallen asleep, "the day" hits me and I'm out of commission. So much for exercising, catching up on laundry, and meal planning. I think I'll just sit in front of the computer. 

We went to an indoor playplace today called Kinder Land. It was about 30 minutes away, and we could only stay about an hour and a half because I had to be back for Emmy's nap. It was really fun to chat with another mom, but I was surprised at how behind I felt after being gone all morning. There's so much to do to keep a household running! I used to do outings like that all the time, but now I feel like life is more complicated. I have to spend more and more of my time on the basics: feeding, cleaning, etc.

Jansen came home from school in tears today that he hadn't gathered as many "fire beans" as his friend. Fire beans are just big red seeds. It was my friend's day for carpool, and he had been crying in the car most of the way home. How do I handle situations like this? How do I tell him that it's not very age appropriate to be crying about something like that? I know he is still young, but it all seemed so ridiculous to me. Another example of something he may cry about is finding out that Natalie had a sucker during the day while he was at school. I guess the underlying idea that he is having to learn lately is that life's not always fair. 

Nate and I went on a date last weekend. Just dinner and frozen yogurt, but we loved being alone together. We're really trying to make date night happen more regularly. Sometimes it feels selfish...leaving the kids, spending money...but I have finally come to the realization that it is not! Date night is so highly encouraged by  our church leaders that I now know it's a wonderful way to spend our time and money! No guilt necessary. 

I'm on a reading kick, and every single day I look forward with great anticipation to the moment I can snuggle in bed with my book and a snack. I just finished the second Fablehaven and am now reading War Horse. A couple recent favorites are Half Broke Horses and Still Alice.

Probably enough rambling for one night!


Kendra said...

I'm totally with you on the crying thing...T is the same way. Reading that, I could have sworn you were talking to my own son. I think they will grow out of it (hopefully)
As for date night....I wish I had a good babysitter. I'm praying when me move we will have a better area with more youth.

Becky M said...

I loved Still Alice! I'll have to check out the others!

Annie said...

I always need new ideas for books. I just finished "These Is my Words" and it was very good. Date night is good. Bryan and I went on our first date since Lily last week and it was so needed and so nice.

Anonymous said...

I think sometimes kids ( and adults for that matter) aren't really crying about the 'beans' they are tired, frustrated or just letting off steam. Such a good kid all the time he needs to let off steam. love him and all of you.

Melinda said...

Someone once told us that it's cheaper to pay a babysitter than a divorce lawyer. Maybe a little harsh, but true. So go, spend your money!

Anne said...

The fire bean thing is tough, but as an outsider I can tell you it sounds like an awesome teaching opportunity (along with the sucker). If they can learn how to deal with disappointment, jealousy, etc. appropriately at this age that will lessen the teenage angst and give them coping skills to work through things on their own.

Sometimes I struggle with the line between coddling and empathy though. I want my kids to feel safe talking to me and sharing their little heartaches. But, as my husband reminds them, not all reactions are appropriate. I actually learned this from the book you just got, and it's been super helpful: kids often need information not a lecture. So when I'm on my A game, I tell M I'm sorry she's feeling the way she is, I listen, but I remind her that tears/fit/whatever is not an appropriate reaction to what happened.

Your definitely not alone in having a hard time with that!