Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sister Act

When I went to get Emmy out of bed this morning, she had thrown up at some point in the night. Prune chunks. Everywhere. This always disturbs me. How long did she sleep in all that? Did I sleep through her cries? Thankfully, she was happy and healthy all day and didn't appear to harbor any ill will towards me. 

Since Natalie and Emmy are 3 years apart, I have wondered when and how they would actually play together. Turns out it's happening earlier than I thought. These two fight like apes. Natalie loves to hear Emmy squeal with displeasure. But they have a lot of fun together too. Emmy doesn't want to go in the backyard unless her Natalie is with her.

Natalie is very patient when Emmy wants to be a right in her sister's personal space.
Did I blog about how Natalie recently whispered in Emmy's ear, "Let's sneak up on mom and steal some money." Oh this is going to be fun.

 Haha, this was a good one. Watching them lose their suckers in the bubble mania and finally retrieve them, trade them, dunk them again. No more suckers in the tub, that was a bad idea.
I don't have the heart to tell Natalie that Emmy is saying Jansen's name. It sounds like this: Njin. 


Annie said...

Oh nothing better than sisters. I have also plotted to steal your money. I hope I haven't set a bad example for Natalie.

Ryan, Becca, Brinley Boo AND Casen too! said...

Haha, Njin, totally understand how Natalie could be confused about that one :) Your girls are so cute together, I'm sure they have lots of fun in store for you over the coming years :)

Monica said...

adorable. :)

Sarah Walton said...

Sisters are the best! Oh, and I hope you don't mind, but I loved how you did your header, so I kind of copied it:)