Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July in Utah (1)

I think we have been incredibly spoiled that during Nate's intern year we somehow managed to go home for Thanksgiving, Easter, and the 4th of July. Sometimes it's daunting to make the 5+ hour drive and pack for our family of 5, but it always turns out to have been well worth the effort. We drove to Orem on Thursday and spent two nights there. Friday morning we hung out in Robin's front yard and watched the kids roam around the neighborhood. So simple and relaxing and so much fun. Nate took off later that afternoon and hiked Notch Peak with his dad, brothers, and a sister in law.
Utah is gorgeous. I kept thinking that as I drove the streets. I kind of like living away...simply because I love coming home. I think the kids stained every shirt they brought, but that is a sign of some great times being had.
Amy and I are so excited for Emmy and Ella to be little buddies in a couple of years. They are about 6 months apart. Check out Emmy's huge-gantic ankles compared to Ella's.
Lexi and Brennon have a dog now, and the kids loved having a couple pooches around to play with. 
Written by Jansen: somehow emmy got into the water almost eating it! holding something by her mouth ( whatever it is called.) with the big water toy ( now it is put away.) 
The trampoline is always a hit, but it drives mom (me) nuts. For some reason the tramp turns their feet and bodies black.  
On Friday night we went up to Don and Robin's cabin. We ate. And ate. And talked. And ate. 
There is a grass field near the cabin where the kids played and everyone tossed the frisbee around. Grandpa and Grandma drove up to say hi for a little bit.
One reason we try to make it to Utah whenever we can is so that the kids will have memories of their extended family and be able to remember their names. Evie and Jansen are cut from the same pattern in many ways and had a ball together.
Not sure how to describe this little situation. Scotty thought maybe Emmy would like him if it appeared that he was providing her food.


Annie said...

Julia is waaring that same romper as natalie except we went without an undershirt. Immodest I know.

I hate trampolines too! Except my reason is I broke my arm on one and it gives me heart palpatations when my kids are on them. Luckily Audrey just lays on her stomach, clinging to edge, asking everyone to stop jumping.

Shane's Angie said...

I love that pic of Jansy Pants and Evsie. What a pair! Also, the pic of Boy and Emmy is priceless...and bizarro, my favorite combination!

Kami said...

So fun! I wish I had been home to see you. Love Jansen's caption and Emmy's face in the "hair controlled" photo.