Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Jansen and Natalie started their swim lessons today. This is a first for both of them. The lessons are in the instructor's backyard, and there 5 kids in their session. Jansen is the oldest, probably by a couple years, but he struggled the most. The morning started off wrong when Jansen slipped on his way to the backyard. He cried for a few minutes, but we finally got that taken care of. When Jansen and Natalie got in the pool to start their lessons and "swim" for a minute, Natalie pushed off from the stairs and tried to swim. She can't of course...at all...so I panicked and kind of stumbled my way into the pool about waist deep to grab her. The instructor was telling me, "I'll get her, I'll get her," but in the seconds in happened, I just reacted. It was embarrassing. Jansen had a tough time through the lesson and does not want to do it anymore. I think I've worked it out and will be able to convince him to finish, but this may be a long 2 weeks!

Here's his version of today:
somehow my swimming lessons were worse! ( just for me!) well i think just for me. it happened at miss, whatever her name was.i had to do: chickin, scare crow, person! about five times for each. and go hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! and floating out on the water, sortove!

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Monica said...

Oh no! I can SO relate to this!! Aiden is the SAME WAY! He had a difficult time with swimming lessons too and I have to make him do it. We have had many discussions of the importance of learning how to swim and he seems to accept it, but does not enjoy the process! Good luck!!!