Friday, July 8, 2011

4th of July in Utah (2)

We spent the second half of our 4th of July weekend in Salt Lake with Nate's family. I feel like Jansen and his  grandpa have a very special relationship, and they even have similar interests despite the age difference. This weekend "weather" was all the talk...Jansen has a weather facts book that he has been reading and sharing with all of us. I'm glad we live in Las Vegas while he is so fascinated with weather because as much as he loves it, it also scares him. No weather to worry about in Vegas! Except a heat wave as he will tell you.

Have you ever seen Emmy's hair so under control? I submit you have not. Not sure what dastardly plans Jansen has with that empty paper towel roll.
Jansen is displaying his dirt. He and his cousins were hard at work planting things at Grandma Nye's house. Or perhaps un-planting things. I hope not.

You'll have to get better at hiding the evidence Emmy. Clearly you just ate dirt.
This photo was taken at Nate's grandma's house in South Jordan. We had a big family BBQ there on Sunday afternoon.
Could there be a more perfect picture? I thought this one turned out darling.

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Kati said...

Your posts are really making me miss Utah! I'm glad you guys had a fun 4th.