Tuesday, February 17, 2009


smoked almonds (but so pricey)

sandwich baggies (all sizes, they are so wonderful and containing)

seeing mail in my inbox (no pressure)

elderly people in department stores (reminds me of the good ol' days)

the frosting on store-made cakes (I would rather eat...I dont know...anything else)

friends that bring me fast food (with an Oreo shake)

the Muppets mahna mahna video on YouTube (Natalie may love it more than me)


cutting my grapefruit into segments (luckily Nate's a pro)

putting coats on my kids (sounds horrible doesn't it)

prunes (but I still feed them to my kids and they love them)

brushing Natalie's teeth (it's like taming a wild animal)

losing basketball games (and then that night I dream that I launched a girl in the nose)

eating breakfast...because I never have an appetite in the morning (but I do it anyway)

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