Thursday, February 19, 2009


Jansen: "Mom, is the Pilot (our car) made of gray Play-dough?"
Me: "No, I don't think it is."
Jansen: "Is it?"
Me: "It's not, honey."
Jansen: "Is it made of gray Play-dough Mom?"
Me: "Nope."
Jansen: "What I want to hear is yes.'"
Me: "Yes, Jansen, the car is made of gray Play-dough."

We have conversations like this all the time lately. Especially about what season it is right now. I am forever torn between answering the child with the truthful, logical answers or just telling him what he wants to hear and hoping it doesn't screw up his whole schema of the world.

His new favorite phrase, "Well in that case..." It's hilarious.


Ashley M said...

Too funny! He is such a great little guy! I think he'll turn out okay no matter what your answer is.

Annie said...

It's summer isn't it. And I have always wanted a car made of playdough.

kiki comin said...

well in this case...maybe he is the cutest boy ever...and will have a very INTERESTING and creative view of the world.:)

Bethany said...

Hah! This morning Nathan decided to give up eating all together. This was a well-thought out decision that stemmed from his assessment of all of the food that he has eaten in his life and deciding that surely that must be enough food for any one person. As I was trying-like you-logically to explain about growing and having energy to do things, he listened intently. When I told him about growing as big as daddy if he eats-you know, that whole conversation-he said, "No, Daddy is that big because he has had 28 birthdays." I explained that birthdays don't make you taller, but eating good healthy food over the whole year will. He listened. Considered. Then said,

"I don't believe you."

End of discussion. I should have just stuck to threats about eating rather than having the whole discussion. It's useless. Why do we even try?

amyandrandy said...

this is too funny!

Cara said...