Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Aboard

This morning I witnessed one of those moments that just make me smile and be thankful for the hours I get to spend with these two. Jansen and Thomas were pulling Natalie around in the laundry basket. I had tied Thomas up to the basket earlier in the morning, but they figured the rest out on their own. It was so cute. Later that afternoon I took the two of them for a ride together. That's back breaking work! And Natalie always screams when I say it's time to stop...as in, I am way too tired to do it anymore.


Buffy Dayton said...

So cute! That poor little boy! (I am refering to the other post about his fall.) That is a nasty little ooww-ee!

Angie said...

Natalie used to pull Evie in a basket for hours. It was delightful, it was awful on the carpet, but kept her outta my hair. Could your kids be any cuter? I think not.

kiki comin said...

so cute. i love their little imaginations.