Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jansen's Fall and More Funnies

Minutes before we were going to walk out the door for church this morning Jansen fell and hit his forehead. We had a crazy hour or so trying to decide what would be the best treatment for him and I was also hoping that my little Primary class was doing okay at the sacrament meeting Primary program since their teacher (me) was AWOL. After leaving an Urgent Care where they didn't accept our insurance, Nate took matters into his own 3rd-year-medical-student-hands. He picked up some supplies from CVS and had Jansen put back together pretty well in no time. Jansen has been perfectly happy all day...well, certainly not perfect (and definitely not perfect in the potty training dept) but at least not bothered by his injury.

And for the grandparents, some funny things he has said lately:

"Look! The moon has its light on cuz it's dark!"

After asking Jansen several times to go use the potty he said, "Mom, I need to check my email first."

One afternoon I was wrestling Natalie a little bit so that I could do her hair and Jansen said, "It's just pretty by itself."

One morning I came in Jansen's room as he was waking up and he said to me, "Do you like this nice day?"

I pulled one of his preschool projects out of his backpack and as he saw it he said, "Ohhhhhh, a beautiful G!"

Nate was trying to help Jansen build a train track but apparently was not doing it correctly. Jansen said, "Dad! It's not coupled properly."


Noelle said...

"I have to check my email first!" I love it, this one totally cracked me up! :)

megandjon said...

you have a funny little smarty-pants on your hands! and yay! nate's 7 years of higher education have finally paid off!

Anonymous said...

Poor Jansen, he is going to all the scapes and scratches of an active little boy, too bad it is so hard on us moms. Tell him Grandma is sorry about his hurt and loves him!

Laney said...

boys need scars are their faces. it'll do him good. and the rest of us enjoy all the crazy things Jansen says. Have I told you that I think he is crazy? And I haven't recieved a package in the mail yet. I am still waiting. I am almost as excited as when we got those signed pictures of Bob Barker in the mail.

Angie said...

I love it! Jansy Pants is adorable, I wish I could spend more time with that kid! I'm sorry about the awful cut, kudos to Nate for patching him up! I love Jansen's email comment. Just today I went downstairs to check on my girls and they were playing house and Gracie was lying on the couch in the dark. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was pretending to be the pregnant mom who had to sleep a lot.

Lindsey said...

So sad. He and Jordan are twins, almost the exact same spot. And their wounds are only a week apart! I don't care what other people say, I am not a fan of scars, at least not right on the face.

Lindsay said...

First Natalie and now this! I'm sorry - I hope he feels better soon. I am sure I will be dealing with similar injuries very soon. Maybe my twins will have matching scars.

Melinda said...

I'm pretty impressed with Nate's skillz. I'm pretty sure I would've been freaking out. Your kids really crack me up with their little phrases and such. :)