Thursday, July 17, 2008

Natalie's Playmates

Before we get to Natalie's new playmates, I wanted to post a picture of Jansen's new favorite game. He loves being pulled around in this laundry basket...I kind of hoped it might warm him up to the idea of riding in a bike trailer (yet another attempt to get him to ride in something so we can exercise as a family). We borrowed a friend's bike trailer and he WAS NOT interested or cooperative. Surprise, surprise.

And now, Natalie's new friends. We've had quite a few flies lately. We must have left the door open or something, but they've almost become a welcome guest. (Almost). Natalie's LOVES them. She'll spot them and just start giggling and pointing and happily gasping and then she begins the chase. Here she is prowling for one. Hopefully she never hears about the time her brother did this.

Our little pal

He requested a profile shot as well. Actually, maybe this is his buddy. We're not sure.

A sighting! How exciting!


Angie said...

Once upon a time when I was a teenager, I had a fly that awoke me each and every summer morning promptly at 6. I named him "Roy". Carrie can verify this story. I didn't like Roy, he ruined my attempts to sleep in and I spent hours trying to swat him, but he was too swift. He lived far longer than a fly should. I'm glad your Natalie is enjoying the little pests!

Anonymous said...

I love how excited she gets over these things. Oh, to be young and still in awe of life's little pleasures. We can learn a lot from the little ones, huh.

megandjon said...

It is great how children teach us to look at things with new eyes. Who needs toys when there is such great entertainment? And you, Miss Jessica, never fail to crack me up!

kiki comin said...

we love flies at our house too, so i totally understand her excitement!:)

Sarah Walton said...

Flies are a different story at our house . . . . Annie is terrified of them, and when she sees one, screams like it's the scariest monster she's ever seen! I'll just tell them to go fly over to your house where they will be more welcomed:)

Annie said...

Maybe she'll take it one step further than Jansen and she will eat one of the flies! Just kidding, that would be too disgusting.