Monday, July 14, 2008


Jansen had his first dentist appointment today...really it was only a check up on his mouth/teeth from his fall a week ago. He was just perfect! They let him choose a movie as he came in from the waiting room and he could watch it as he laid in the big chair. From the feel of the tooth the dentist thought it might be fractured, but after looking at the x-ray it probably isn't. So we'll just wait and see some more...and watch for discoloration and infection. I'm so sad I forgot my camera, but I'm sure there will be more exciting events to come in his life that I can capture on camera. :)

Natalie has 6 teeth now and is so close to walking. It's funny how we just can't wait for this milestone (walking) and once it happens she'll do it the rest of her life. I'm trying to just enjoy the cute little bear crawl and other scamperings. She loves to point at things and make cute little noises at whatever she's pointing at.

Jansen made us laugh the other night. He was talking about Family Home Evening and just jabbering about how we do it in our home.
Jansen: We have Family Home Evening at our house.
Me: Yep, we do.
Jansen: It's in my very own happy story.
You know as well as I do what he meant by that(?) but I thought it was hilarious and adorable.

Nate has "helped" deliver some babies and has been learning a lot in the past week or so. He made me laugh a couple nights ago as well. I always give him a hard time when he says something that could have a bit of a double meaning. We were talking about how this OB/GYN rotation was going and he said, "Well, I've really enjoyed everything I've seen so far!"
Oh really?


Traci said...

LOL thats funny, so is Nate going to be an OB\GYN? That would be neat to have your husband be your OB\GYN and eliminate a lot of the discomfort of that visit lol!!

kiki comin said...

haha..i love hearing all of nate's funny comments. glad the dentist trip went smoothly!:)

Meg said...

hahaha That is HYSTERICAL!! Especially since it is Nate!! LOVE IT!

Stephanie Grant said...

Jess I found your blog! I miss you. Your kids are so cute and you look so beautiful.

Angie said...

"These are the things you don't say to your wife..." That is a classic, you'll be telling that one to your kids when they get older! I love Jansen's FHE comment, I wish our FHE was always a happy story, but usually Evie wanders out to watch a movie in her room and Gracie goes off on some tangent while Natalie sits patiently waiting for us to tell her something she doesn't already know!

Kent and Leisy said...

Kent is actually really excited about his OB rotations. I often ask him why he's so excited!