Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Parable of the Ants That Have No Self Control

When I discovered these little ants hopelessly stuck inside the lid to our maple syrup (the lid wasn't on the syrup, it was in the sink) I knew there had to be some amazing parable waiting to be told. Surely they had come across something so mouthwatering and delectable they were unable to stop themselves from proceeding further into the sticky goodness. Oh how they must have enjoyed the journey that took them right into the middle of the heavenly syrup. And I'm also sure they licked it up as rapidly as their little ant mouths could. And then they found their gluttonous little bodies trapped in the very thing that had been so tempting and delicious for a moment.

The analogy? Me and cake, ice cream, brownies, candy, cookies, etc. Especially at lunch time. That is when I am at the peak of my hunger and instead of taking a moment and fixing a real lunch, I get impatient with my hunger pangs and stuff myself with these goodies because it tastes SO WONDERFUL, especially when you are hungry. But then my appetite is ruined, I feel cruddy the rest of the day, and I have just consumed more calories than I was supposed to all week. Oh little ants, how I understand.
I'm sure there's a much better, more spiritual analogy here as well. I just don't feel qualified to write it. Maybe some day!


Heather said...

Oh yeah, I totally know how that goes. Yesterday I just ate those Panera sweet apple pastries because they were easily accessible, no prep and delicious. Then I felt yucky the rest of the afternoon. Today I tried to do better, but it's so hard.

Thanks again for all your enrichment help this week!

kiki comin said...

save the spiritual analogy for a church talk..those are always entertaining!:) i hate that ants are living can they be allowed when there is still snow on the ground! i'll have to remember to bring you by some cookies!j/k:)

Angie Sullivan said...

Oh little ants, I see myself in you too! My gorge-time is 4 p.m., and I love to sit with my friend Oprah and eat something delightful. This is usually an enjoyable time, except when she is having one of those "I lost 800 pounds" shows! My point is that perhaps it is genetic? Yes, yes, I believe we should blame genetics and continue doing what our genes tell us to do! (I think our genes also tell us to spend more time in bed...)

Kyle and Janel said...

Jess you are hillarious!! I laughed and laughed about this post! I am glad you found something to apply to your own life in little ants in your sink!

Anonymous said...

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