Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jansen loves "holging" (holding) these flowers. He will beg and beg to just hold them, and each time I hesitate and want to say no, but then I think, why not? It brings him so much joy. They must seem so big to him.

I love Jansen's smile in this picture.

He may not look as happy in this one, but we had just finished having lunch together while Natalie napped and it was so much fun for some reason. Just sitting there, eating our scrambled eggs and sipping our chocolate milk. Life is good.

Natalie seems to have this look on her face in most of the pictures I take of her. Her hair is growing fast and likes to stick up...just like mine did.

And here is our expert and amateur birders. Jansen has his own pair of binoculars. He's not really that into birds yet, but there's plenty of time for Nate to correct that. These two were outside for a walk today and an airplane flew over. Jansen pointed at the exhaust from the plane and said, "Oh look, it's making train tracks up there!"


Angie Sullivan said...

Tell Nate that if Jansen doesn't get into birding, not to worry, because Evie is obsessed with birds! I should get her some binoculars. Such cute pictures Jess! Love you!

Landon & Kara said...

I can't believe Jansen has his own pair of eye goggles!

kiki comin said...

so cute. way to start him young.:)

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that lunch was fun. They say a truly happy person derives pleasure from the little things! I must be truly happy because I derive a lot of pleasure from the little things (Natalie and Jansen) Love, mom