Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Rather Facetious Post

When I took this picture I had no idea what I had just caught on camera...and I love it. Oh the talent that is running through this family. 6 months old and already able to stick her pacifier up her nostril. And what a treat when she puts it back in her mouth!

This is my son Jansen. I'm not sure if I've ever posted a picture of him before. If not, here he is. (So that was a joke. My mom thinks he is the most photographed kid in America and that is probably why he will not cooperate when we go to get professional portraits. Just sick and tired of it all I'm sure!)

And I don't know what the monkey did wrong, but it must have been pretty bad because Jansen says he is in TIMEOUT. I am now noticing what a lovely feature that 10 feet tall plunger is in our bathroom. I just want it to be available so that guests can just use it instead of asking the mortifying question, "Do you have a plunger?" I think it's pretty thoughtful of me.

And this airplane was worth every penny of the $2.97 we spent on it.


amyandrandy said...

when I read your blog about the plunger in your bathroom, i totally feel the same way. Infact, just today when cleaning the guest bathroom (also a timeout) i realized I don't have a plunger in that bathroom! I am sure were dying to know this info as well!

Angie Sullivan said...

You know, most of the stuff that is in your nose just runs down the back of your throat, so really the germs are all the same. I say let her put her pacifier wherever she wants...within reason of course. Jansen is so much like Evie! She hates getting professional pictures done, the only time she has been ok is when we take her to the school to get it done! Also, I agree with the plunger idea. We have one of those "water efficient" toilets in the main bathroom. Wrong idea. Its worth it to me to flush down 10 gallons of water if it means I'm not sopping up disgustingness off my floor when it overflows! (By the way, maybe the monkey was jumping on the bed?) Congrats on the cheap yet terribly useful toy purchase. We made a $3 horse purchase at the dollar store that has proven most advantageous to us! That's for letting us in on your life, love ya!

The Nye's said...

Don't you LOVE those cheap toys that save the day!

Kent and Leisy said...

we have the very same plunger

Anonymous said...

Natalie can put her pacifier up her nose if she wants to.

Tina said...

I love the monkey picture. Cloey will put her baby on her bed and close the door and tell me she is in trouble. What did the poor baby ever do to her?
I love reading your blog. Your stories are always so entertaining. You should write a book.