Friday, May 18, 2007

The Owls

These are the mommy and daddy screech owls

These are the three babies

How do YOU feel about owls? Well, here in the Nye household we
like them. A friend of ours told us where we could see
these screech owls and I take a lot of pride in the fact that when we
went to see them I spotted them before
Nate! I think it's because I had Lasik surgery. I love that one on the
right peeking around the leaf...and I am not sure what is going on
with the headless one on the left. If I remember right, they did
all have heads. The whole outing ended with Jansen grabbing some
poison ivy. We poured the rest of his milk from his sippy cup
on it and then ran to the car and rinsed his hand again with
some water. I think that did the trick because he really
didn't develop a rash. Thank goodness! Speaking of the evils
that lurk in the outdoors, I forgot to share that we went
on a walk a few weeks ago and all had a tick or two on our clothes.
I was so horrified. But we're all okay. I am thankful for my husband
who has taught me how to spot poison ivy and ticks. I would not have
been able to do this a month ago.

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Cassidy said...

With our new house, we live on some land and I have found a tick on Payton the other day and I have been terrified that I am going to get one. And I don't even play outside or anything. They are scary to me.