Sunday, May 20, 2007


Jansen was really eager to sit and read by Nate this
morning. I can't believe what a typical "boy" he
is turning out to be. The book he is reading is about
airplanes. He also LOVES trucks, buses, and wheels
right now. And of course bugs. He loves to watch
parts from the movie "Cars," and it's so cute because
he gets scared pretty easily and always runs to me
if they rev their engines too loud or something.
He was pretty naughty at church today though.
He bit one boy pretty badly and tried it on a couple
of others. I thought we were through with that stage!
Then, when I sit him on my lap and tell him not to
bite, he tries to bite me and when that doesn't
work he just bites himself. He really is a very good
kid most of the time. :)


Landon & Kara said...

Hey Jessica! I found Kiki's blog last night cause she said she had found mine, then I realized she had a link to yours - Landon and I had a good time watching all the videos of Jansen and Landon loved the picture of Jansen's censored workout!

Cassidy said...

This picture is SO cute. Jansen lookes JUST like Nate!