Saturday, May 9, 2015

Brackenridge Park, Kami's Visit, Etc.

We had a pretty open Saturday a few weeks ago, so we decided to check out a historic riverside park called Brackenridge. It's right next to the San Antonio Zoo. Our kids are happiest when they can run and roam free, so we just explored at their pace.

If you know Nate, you will know that look. There must have been a bird. The awesome thing about his beloved hobby (that he is passing onto the kids) is that you can do it anywhere!

We made a quick stop at the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden. We had a stroller, and there were a lot of stairs, so we didn't get to cover a lot of ground. It was beautiful, but there were a lot of renovations going on. 

This visit feels so long ago! I wish I still had it to look forward to. My BFF all the way from 8th grade came to visit us with her beautiful baby Ruby. Leah is just a few days older than Ruby. They were a riot together.

It was so fun to see how different their personalities are. This picture is a great example. Leah would NOT lay down in the balls and mostly just observed while staying close to me. Ruby just loved being covered in the balls and playing with them. 

Leah loved having a buddy at mealtime.

Even when Ruby tried to steal some goods.

Between elementary school, preschool, naptime, and Nate's busy schedule we didn't do anything too incredibly exciting. But that's the great thing about a best friend - you can just sit on the couch and eat ice cream while watching Intervention or Myrtle Manor and be having a great time. We did get to do a little shopping together which is our very favorite. 

We always love a good cardboard box. I can only stand them for about a day, but they sure get used a lot in those 24 hours. 

Emmy's little smile reminds me that all the kids went to the dentist this month. Jansen had a couple cavities, but they took care of them in like 10 minutes! Maybe not that fast. I don't know. I was impressed though, and he didn't need any shots or laughing gas either to get through it. 

The late afternoons are beautiful right now. We are trying to soak it up before it gets so hot it never cools down.

It came on rather sudden, but I have been having some lower back pain for a few weeks. The pain varied from day to day, but there were some pretty rough days and also nights. It hurt the most to bend over, and that is pretty much what I do all day as a mother. Nate tried some dry needling on me one Sunday afternoon to see if it would help. I didn't get much relief from that, but I am doing SO much better now. I had a terrible day when I was really struggling to physically get myself out of bed and after calling Nate crying in pain, I went down to his clinic. A trainer there worked on me for a little bit and taught me more stretches and exercises. I have a really weak core from pregnancy and other things, so that is the main thing I am working on.

Leah has started to LOVE books that have animals. Anything with fur/hair and eyes just gets her so excited. I love this new experience of having kids that can help out with her.

It's strange that she's so tall and heavy because this little girl really doesn't eat much. She doesn't have a lot of patience in her high chair, and food just doesn't seem to matter to her much. 

She doesn't have any words she consistently says, but we have heard "uh oh" many times, "dad," "momma," and one day we all swear she was mimicking our "I love yous" so well!

She does love to put everything in her mouth. She's a tornado as well. The other day I decided that my life right now can best be described in 3 words: everything is everywhere. Our disposal switch is under the sink, and she has discovered how to flip it on. Our trash can mostly stays up on a chair so she can't get into it. I don't think she has peaked though. I have a feeling she is capable of many more messes I haven't even considered. 

Natalie found a great way to use one of Nate's old shirts. Her own little personal hammock! Leah loves to put my makeup brushes in her mouth. I don't have the time or energy to keep track or wash them every time, so it's pretty gross when I go to put on eyeshadow and the brush is wet.

The other day I asked Jansen to bring the garbage in from the street, and next thing I know I see this. He didn't realize what he had done until this moment. He's my brilliant but sometimes absentminded one. :)

We really slacked off this year with Jansen's car, and he also lost a piece or two before we even got started. I think he finished last. but he still had a great night. 

Emmy had a wonderful time at a friend's tea party birthday celebration, and I got to go with her.

And this was us just trying to survive till dad got home from work one afternoon.

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