Friday, April 17, 2015

Easter, Time Out for Women, and Some "Everyday" Things

I think I've mentioned it before, but when we give Leah a bath by herself (no sisters crowded in there) we often sit on a little lime green Ikea stool inside the tub. We started doing it when she wasn't quite able to sit up on her own, and I would support her with my legs and feet. I think it's just habit now. I love the Ohio State Medical Center cup in this picture that I was given in the hospital when I had Natalie. I can't believe we still have it! Somehow that thing has been moved from Ohio to Nevada to Maryland and now to Texas. 

We had a simple but fun Easter this year. While Jansen and Natalie were at school, I took Emmy and Leah to a little egg hunt at a park with friends. Emmy has been very lucky to have lots of little buddies around her age here.

I don't know that I had even heard of cascarones before this year. They are hollowed out eggs filled with confetti, and they are all over the places here during Easter and Fiesta. The kids think they are fun, and Natalie especially got a kick out of trying to sneak up on her dad and crack them on his head. 

We had a little egg hunt in our backyard for these three.

Our little patio is looking rather trashy in this picture. It's scary sometimes when you just get used to messes around your house, yard, or garage and the clutter just begins to seem normal. It's certainly hard to keep up with 6 people living and playing in a home. 

General Conference (link HERE) was on Easter weekend this year, and it was WONDERFUL. There were so many exceptional talks and messages. We got out the perler beads (the kids had to build makeshift walls out of cushions and beanbags to keep Leah away), made cinnamon rolls, and enjoyed an uplifting and renewing weekend as a family.

This is how Leah does General Conference.

I can't even handle these next two pictures. I think this was the first time we held Leah while swinging and she LOVED it. Obviously. 

This was a mistake. I decided to give Leah a little freedom with some yogurt and things went downhill fast. She doesn't like to be fed with a spoon, so things like yogurt (which she likes) are hard. She also prefers that things not be cut up. She is much happier and eats more if I hand her a whole strawberry as opposed to cutting it up into pieces and putting them on her high chair. 

I couldn't help but take a picture of this gal in all her pink glory. She was upset the other day when Natalie got new underwear and she didn't. I told her she has lots of underwear she can still wear and she told me she "only wears pretty underwear." She does not "wear un-pretty underwear." Well.

Each day this little girl becomes more and more of a ham. When I ask her for a kiss she leans in with a wide open mouth. She is the only person in the world I will kiss with a snotty nose. She had a really rough time getting her two top teeth. I think the hardest of any of my kids. One day her mouth was bleeding and I realized she was using her bottom two teeth to grind away at her upper gums and emerging top teeth. It still makes me shudder.

She loves to raid the garbage. 

Emmy had some sweet friends (they are all sisters) move away. We were happy to have them over one last time before they left. They love dressing up and going to balls just as much as Emmy does.

Trust this kid to make a jet out of a small McDonald's french fry container.

Jansen sometimes comes home from school and rattles off reasons I should homeschool him. Sometimes he writes down his reasons. He really doesn't hate school like this list makes it seem, but it still tugs at my heart strings.

Natalie has started reading Harry Potter. She loves to play out front after school and ride scooters with the neighbor friend across the street.

One week ago I was with these wonderful friends enjoying a Time Out for Women weekend here in San Antonio. Becca drove here from Houston and Michelle flew in from Las Vegas. We don't see each other much, but when we do, we can always pick up right where we left off and I love learning from them and talking about anything and everything under the sun. This was actually my first time visiting the Alamo since we moved here. And first time at the Riverwalk!

The speakers at the event were amazing. John Bytheway was there, and I have been listening to him and reading his books since jr. high. I love knowing there are such good people in the world and learning from them.

Friday night we tried out Lulu's which was featured on Man vs Food. We shared (but couldn't finish) a 3 lb cinnamon roll. 

The Riverwalk was beautiful and so green this time of year. I have been very impressed with Texas in the spring. As I toted 4 kids to dentist appointments and swim lessons today I wished I could rewind a week and hang out with these girls again, but I'm grateful for everything I learned that weekend and  am still feeling inspired to do better and be better. I love being a mom.

In the same vein, being a mom is particularly hard from 4-6 pm. How in the world I am supposed to make dinner during those hours baffles me every day, but somehow we figure it out. When we all need a pick me up, we like to have little dance parties. Music makes everything better. 


Kendra said...

Love all of this Jess! You are amazing! I love Jansen's letter about homeschooling :) So cute!

Knudson Family said...

Jess! Cascarones are one of our favorite SA memory! Also, we totally have a big plastic cup from UVRMC in Provo when Sam was born that we use in the bath. Love these everyday posts.

Kami said...

That face picture of you and your two friends is AMAZING. Everyone's skin and teeth- oh my! I have teeth envy. Also, love your skinny jeans. You're a babe. Love the dance parties. Love that Jansen wants to be home schooled. Is Leah's nickname Bubbles?