Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween Things

We were invited to a couples Halloween party this year hosted by some friends from our ward. It's kind of funny being the "new" people at the party instead of the ones hosting or helping to plan it. I kept feeling stressed whenever I would try to think of what we should be, but then I came across this idea on Pinterest. Totally unique, inexpensive, and very doable. I loved it. We had a really good time, but we did have Leah with us, so we left a little early and had our hands full most of the evening.

I got to help out at Emmy's preschool Halloween party. I loved seeing her little "preschool world." She really enjoys it and looks forward to it every week. She doesn't like me to walk her to the door anymore though...I guess she's too big for that now.

We had a ward Trunk or Treat and Steve and Jody were able to come with us. I made a white chicken chili and a big trifle dish of dirt pudding with creepy crawly gummy worms. There was music at the activity, and it was fun to watch Jansen rock and dance his heart out to a few songs. 

So costumes this year. Jansen and Natalie really wanted to be Steve and an enderman from Minecraft. I was not going to pay a lot of money for the costumes, and I didn't have the energy or creativity to make them. So one night about a week before Halloween I made them get online with me and pick a couple costumes. Jansen ended up choosing this ninja one, and it has already gotten a lot of use as a dress up as well. And yes, that is a lid to a pot that he is using as a shield.

Natalie chose this werewolf costume.

And Emmy joined the millions of Elsas on Halloween.

Leah had no say in her costume, but I think she was the cutest elephant ever. I tried to take her trick or treating with everyone, but she goes to bed at about 7 lately, and it was just too close to her bed time. She was tired and cranky. So she and I stayed home and gave candy to the 2 trick or treaters we had.

We did the whole "trade most of your candy for a toy" thing this year. I asked Nate if I could throw away all the extra candy because I will just eat it, but he wanted to keep it so he could take it to work. It's November 6, and it still hasn't made it to his work. He has it over by his side of the bed where I pick at it all day just like I was worried I would. 


Kami said...

Okay. So many things I want to say about this post. Love little Leah's costume- and that look on her face. Oh my! She's adorable. And love that you made a wormy trifle. Sounds delicious. What was in it? I made a trifle for the Dracula party I went to. Love me a good trifle. Love the kids costumes. Love that Emmy is getting so independent.

Angie Sullivan said...

I want that elephant! She is so adorable!! Oh how I miss you!