Saturday, May 17, 2014

San Antonio/No Baby Yet/Cinco De Mayo/Etc.

A couple weeks ago I was in the kitchen making dinner and Nate walked in the door. He started telling me a story that was related to work, and I just had the sense that there was a big and important reason he was sharing it with me. I think I finally kind of interrupted him and asked what all this meant and why was he telling it to me. He told me there was a possibility the Air Force was going to send us to Lackland AFB in San Antonio. I burst into tears and just cried while I continued to work on dinner. I was so overwhelmed at the thought of going somewhere other than Vegas, somewhere farther from family and friends and familiarity. In my shock and also just because of some confusion on my part, I was thinking Lackland was in Florida. Nate was comforting me and then said jokingly, "I'll get you a cowboy hat and some boots." Now I was really confused. I asked him (kind of annoyed) why I would need those in Florida, and he told me Lackland was in San Antonio. Duh!  

We spent a week or so just waiting and wondering how things would all play out. There were a lot of people involved in the decision of where to send Nate. Eventually we got word that we would be going to San Antonio. There have been lots of tears and lots of mixed feelings, but at this moment in time I am very, very excited about San Antonio. I feel really good about, and I think our family will love it there. Emmy doesn't truly understand the change, Natalie is excited, and Jansen cried. I think he is going to be ok though. He hasn't really expressed much concern about the change since we first told them. 

It's been a little hard to process a change like that as well as the pending arrival of our little one. Yesterday I had my membranes stripped, and that put me into labor with Natalie and Emmy. We had care for the kids in place in the event that it put me into labor. Well, it didn't. After the appointment Nate and I stayed in Bethesda for a couple hours to make sure things didn't start progressing quickly. That's what had happened with Natalie, but I was 40 weeks with her and this time I was only 39. So we went home. Later that afternoon I was having a lot of contractions. We were toying with the idea of going to the hospital. It can be so hard to know...even when you are married to a doctor. We decided to hold off, which was the right choice. Once I laid down, the contractions stopped. It was an uneventful night, and actually pretty restful. And so now we are waiting again. 

I took this picture one night because Nate spends a lot of time standing in this spot working on his laptop. We both realized just the other day that he REALLY needs a desk when we get to Texas. 

For Cinco de Mayo we picked up Cafe Rio (half price on Mondays for military!) and ate it at the Rasmussens. Anna had bought and filled a pinata for the kids. 

They thought it was the coolest thing in the world.

Oh and we celebrated our 10 year anniversary! Nate got me these beautiful flowers. I honestly don't remember much about the day. I think it was a busy one, and we both had the understanding that it would be a low key anniversary this year. Words can't express how much I love him and how happy he has made me the past 10 years.

The ward father and son campout was a great success. Jansen had a blast.

I took baby on the Metro. Anna told me about this cool opportunity to be a guest usher at Ford's Theater which is where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. She and I met up and ushered The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. 

The upper box seats you can see in this picture is where he was shot. 

It was a really fun night.

Jansen greeted me on Mother's Day morning with this sweet Lego creation. 

Lately Natalie loves to have a big box fan blasting in her face as she falls asleep. I actually think she falls asleep a lot faster with it on. 


Michelle said...

Oh Jessica, I love reading your posts! I think it is so awesome that you got to usher an event in Ford's Theatre!
When you posted on FB that you would be going to San Antonio, my first thought was how happy I was for you...I mean, what a great place to live! As the day wore on, my heart started to sink as I realized how utterly sad I am that you won't be coming back to Vegas. I may have shed a few tears myself! Jason considered the change in your plans as one more sign that we should leave Vegas, too. Having said all that, I am genuinely super excited for your family - for both your soon-to-be-born baby and for the move.
And happy 10 year anniversary! :)

Nathaniel Nye said...

This might be my favorite post ever. It shows how Jessica responds to me yanking her all over this flippin country. And she's always game - after a tear or two - with faith and love and a "can do" attitude. So many reasons I love that woman!

I think our baby girl is enjoying her final moments in heaven before she makes her descent to earth. I just finished watching "The Right Stuff" - which shows how top Air Force pilots turned into the beginning of the US Space Program. John Glenn riding in that Mercury space capsule almost burning up on re-entry...good thing babies don't have to pass through the atmosphere to get down here to earth!!!

megandjon said...

did you know that charlie was ten days late? i was pretty patient for most of it, but by day 9 i thought i might lose it. i stayed home from church that day (how many times can you stand to hear "that baby still isn't here?") and had a pretty heavy prayer/complaining/begging/whining session with my Heavenly Father. Well He was pretty patient with me because it turned out to be one of the most spiritual experiences of my life.I knew with absolute certainty that he was having a hard time saying goodbye to loved ones i had just had to say goodbye to recently. that he was working with one in particular who struggled in the church during his life on earth. i also felt charlie's spirit very strongly and knew that i could trust him to come soon and i, of course would not ask him to cut short his goodbyes.

anyway, all this to say that your baby is having some very precious and important last moments in heaven while at the same time being so so excited to come and be a part of such an awesome family! that would be hard! anyway, much love, and i hope she comes soon and easily :) sorry for my rambling story

Bethany said...

Wow! Hey, for what it's worth, we loved our time in Texas. MOST WONDERFUL wards, fabulous friends and people. Lots of things to do with families. We went to San Antonio, of course, only for a visit, but we had a great time!
Good for you and how exciting to be holding a new baby in your arms so soon... :)

kristy crawford said...

At first Paul and I were so frustrated and sad when we were told you all would not be returning to join the Nellis Family. Then we moved onto praying for you all as you move to your new place. God is sovereign and I know you are going there for a reason and will Bless many. Maybe our paths will cross another time in the AF. :D Kristy Joy