Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Playing Outside

We have been playing outside a lot lately. I guess the weather has been just right. This means extra laundry, extra baths, extra patience because of the messes, but the kids are so happy outside. This is how Natalie spent a recent Sunday morning.

Jansen runs outside right after coming home from school every day. He has really loved climbing trees lately. It makes me very nervous, but I feel like I need to just let him be an 8 year old boy.

And I can't believe it took us this long to discover the perfect hideout on the side of our house.

Let's hope summer and the humidity don't creep up on us too fast and we can have more afternoons like these.


Anonymous said...

Everybody is looking so grown up. Especially Natalie is to me. That looks heavenly. Check for ticks. Love the Mom

Angie Sullivan said...

What a beautiful thing! Don't you remember those magical afternoons outside where your imagination ran wild and you played orphans and ate mud pies? Your photography catches your kids magic on the beautiful normal days. I love it so much!