Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Words from Emmy, March Weather, and St. Patrick's Day

I love that I get to spend my days with this girl. She is STILL sleeping in a crib at night. She wanted to sleep in the toddler bed that is also in her room a few nights ago, so I let her try it, but it only took a few minutes and she was asking to go back to her crib. She likes the security of the rails. I like having her in there, so I just keep going with the flow. She loves to play little games of tag, hide and go seek, and to race. 

I am always shaking my head and laughing at the things she says. 

As she turns on the bathroom fan: "Mom, I just need fresh air to help me be warm." 

Emmy is sitting on our recliner and Natalie is on the floor wrapped in her blanket but popped up to say something to Emmy: "Natalie, I don't need your smell. Get down. Get back in your blanket."

In reference to her My Little Pony ring: "Dad, why did you break my Rainbow Dash ring?!"
Nate: "I didn't break your ring, Emmy."
"Yes you did! I saw you break it last summer!"

"Mom, what day comes after winter?"

After using the bathroom: "Mom, I already washed my hands this year, so I don't need to wash my hands."

We had a couple windy days recently, and Jansen's fear of the wind came raging back. I hated it. He reverted to some of the things he used to do a lot in Vegas. He shuts all the blinds, stays away from windows, gets agitated, needs to be kept busy and distracted every minute, has a hard time falling asleep, constantly glances at the trees to see if they are moving, shields his eyes with his hands, etc. He becomes a completely different kid. A few days have passed, and he is back to normal again, but I get really concerned about how things are going to be when we move back to windy Las Vegas.

He loves Nutella smeared between two slices of bread. 

We had a few spring-like days.

And then this happened on St. Patrick's Day. School was closed again. I think that makes 10 days of cancellations because of snow or ice this school year!

Fort Belvoir was also closed, so Nate worked from home. The kids waited and waited all morning to be able to play with him a bit in the afternoon when he took a break from working. This was a huge ball of snow in mid flight that Nate threw at Jansen who was on the deck.

I hadn't really planned anything special for St. Patrick's Day. We had a greenish dinner that I just kind of threw together with what we had. 

The Jell-O was definitely the highlight. 

At the beginning of this year I heard about this Instagram account to help you read the Book of Mormon in a year. I didn't think too much about it, and I didn't follow it. I can't remember how I came across it again, but I started following it a couple weeks ago and am loving it. The reading for the day is posted each morning, along with a question to think about. People post their thoughts and comments about what they have read. It's like a little class we are all in together. It's been a great way for me to be more consistent about my reading and study of the scriptures. I feel like I really need it. I have been "fearful" lately. Fearing adversity, fearing bad things that might happen to my family, fearing the future in some ways, etc. I know these are not feelings God wants me to have nor does He give them to me. Reading has helped me begin to replace my fears with faith. 


Sarah Lunt said...

I love reading your posts and knowing what your cute family is up to! Scarlett loved her crib until Houston kicked her out of it, otherwise she would still be in it. I'm so sorry about the wind issue. I'm sure he will outgrow it but it does make a mama sad in the meantime. At least in Vegas you won't have such horrible winters - this one has officially kicked my trash! Hope your week is lovely!

Angie Sullivan said...

I love your blog Jess. It makes me happy, is uplifting, interesting, and makes me laugh too! Love you SO!!