Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekly Update

I think it was about a year ago that Nate got me a Kindle for my birthday. I wasn't sure how I would like it, but it has been well used and loved by me and more recently Jansen and Natalie. Natalie's favorite books are Junie B Jones and Jansen is reading the Kane Chronicles. I wish they would read some of the chapter books I have from when I was a kid and from teaching, but they are pretty picky.

Pregnancy wreaks havoc on my left leg. It's not pretty. I wear a compression sock on this leg sometimes, but I seem to forget a lot. These started when I was pregnant with Natalie or Noah, I can't remember, and have gotten worse each time. The ones down by my ankle are new this pregnancy.

I had to include this picture of the sort of stuff Natalie and Emmy do together. Emmy is a good sport.

Jansen has been playing basketball outside almost every day lately. It doesn't matter how cold it is (notice the snow on the ground). He will at least go out for a little while until he is freezing. He also LOVES to play catch with me in the house. We use a smallish plastic ball we have and throw it back and forth in the playroom. I sit on the couch. :) I say "star" if I feel like he made a really great catch, and he likes it when I throw them high.

I took Natalie to get a hair cut on Saturday. I just wanted to take a few inches off to make washing it and combing it easier. I showed the lady about where I wanted it cut, told her some layers right at the bottom were fine, and then I took a seat around the corner because there was nowhere right by Natalie to sit. Well, she hacked Natalie's hair, and since I was around the corner I didn't see it till she was all done. She layered it in weird ways. Some of it Natalie can't even tuck behind her ears. I was pretty mortified, but I am so bad at saying anything in those situations. We just went home and I was sick about it! Natalie hated it too, and she kept saying so, but she wasn't crying or dwelling on it which made me feel better. We even fixed it a little last night on our own because it looked so awful the way she had cut it. Thank goodness hair grows. This is a picture before her haircut...I will have to get a picture of the new do soon.

I am still feeling pretty good as far as the pregnancy goes. Not miserable yet, still sleeping well at night. My appetite is a little off, and I feel like I often have a tummy ache, but nothing awful. I will be 30 weeks this Friday. We bought a new car seat since the other 3 all used the same one. It has been fun to buy some new things here and there now that I know better what I will really need and use.

We went on a little bike ride on Saturday. Even this mama. I'm sure we were quite the sight.

Nate is the ward mission leader, and he does such a great job. He loves working with the elders, and I am pretty sure they love learning from and being with him. The elders are so good to our kids...always talking to them and joking with them and helping them. 


lexihb said...

I love that picture of Emmy and Natalie playing! Emmy's face is priceless. I want to see Natalie's hair, I bet she still look so cute!

Michelle said...

I just love seeing and reading about what you guys are up to! I would have been sick about the haircut too, although Natalie would be adorable no matter how her hair was. Just be grateful this is happening now instead of when she is 16!
Random fact - my left leg does the exact same thing when I am pregnant...and it seems to get worse with each pregnancy. I have no idea why the left side is so much worse than the right!

Lindsey said...

2 things:

Your leg! I didn't know you go varicose veins. Pregnancy is so unfair.

Reading about you playing catch in the house with Jansen reminds me of this super fun game we played inside your house a couple of times. I think it was called smash ball or something. It had something to do with rolling a cube? Anyway, I remember having such a blast playing downstairs in your tv room.

Kami said...

Your poor leg. Love to see that your kids love reading so much. I hope my kids are like that. I get so sad when my students say they've never read a book. It really breaks my heart.