Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's Up February

For the longest time May (the month the baby is due) has seemed so far away. But now it's suddenly February. If cruddy old January can sneak by like that, I have a feeling these next few months will be passing quickly as well. I am about 25 weeks. This is a significant time in my pregnancy...I was this far along when we lost our little Noah. He has been on my mind and in my heart a lot lately; he would have turned four years old in January. I am very aware of this baby's movements, and it's so reassuring each time I feel those little kicks and jabs. I remember all too well four years ago when I laid on the floor for a long time just waiting and praying for some movement. Something to tell me that everything was okay with our little boy. We love our Noah so much. I'm extremely grateful to have the incredible experience of carrying a baby again.

This is a recent drawing Emmy did of our family. Snowman style I guess. I am the hugeness in the middle, and it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Natalie is so proud of her penguin sculpture she created at school. She had many worry filled nights when she thought it might explode in the kiln. I was glad to see it finally come home in one piece.

We had a day of freezing rain, so school was cancelled. It was so cool to stand outside later in the afternoon and hear the trees crackling as the ice was melting and breaking. Natalie spent some time in the backyard "harvesting" icicles which = breaking them off and putting them in a ziploc bag.

Thankfully, the roads were perfectly fine, and we found ourselves at Einstein Bagels after I picked up my new iPhone at the Sprint store. I've been waiting for this day (to be eligible for a discounted new phone) like it was Christmas. My old phone was certainly great, but the camera was really struggling, and I love to take pictures.

Jansen is discovering the most awesome combo in the world: food and a good book. So far February has been good to us.


lexihb said...

Aww this post pulled at my heart strings, for a lot of reasons. I love little Natalie and her penguin!

kiki comin said...

sweetest post ever. miss you. ;)