Monday, February 3, 2014

Proud of These People

 Jansen and Natalie's school had one of their quarterly Soaring Eagles assemblies. Jansen received the Principal's Writing Award, an art award (for use of observation, memory, and imagination in artwork), and recognition for perfect attendance. What really stands out to me is that we've made it this far through winter without having to miss school for sickness! Natalie also got the attendance award and an art award for use of line, shape, color, and textures to express ideas. I would also like to point out that Emmy should receive an award for great behavior while she sat through the whole assembly with me.

And the one I am very most proud of right now is Nate. After 2 1/2 years of work on a research project looking at how obesity increases risk for injuries, we found out a week ago that his paper was accepted for publication in the main journal of the American College of Sports Medicine: Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 

 Last Wednesday night was the Raingutter Regatta at the church. Nate always has AU basketball games he has to be at on Wednesday nights, so lately I *get* to take all 3 kids to scouts at Emmy's bedtime every week. The 20 minute drive and freezing cold don't help the situation. Here I go complaining. To be honest, things usually go pretty well, but this night Emmy was tired and mostly just wanted to sit on my lap. I love her rosy little cheeks.

 It was fun to watch the boys blow those little boats across the water.

Jansen actually ended up winning. I have no idea if it was his technique or his boat or the leftovers he had for dinner, but he was pretty excited about it. 

Some brilliant person rolled out some butcher paper in the back of the gym for the kids to color on during the meeting. It was very helpful. 


Grandma Kim said...

Look at those proud faces! Congratulations! ! ! And to you, Jess - a big pat on the back, 'cuz all of those achievements are made possible by the "rock star" wife and Mom that you are! And I would also give you the award for Best Blogger! Way to go, Nye family! We're all SO proud of you!

kiki comin said...

So excited for all the awesome things at the Nye house. way to go, freaking exciting. and i agree with grandma are a rock star! miss all your cute faces and can't wait to see them again!

lexihb said...

Jansen is getting so old! Brennon loved getting those little texts from him today.

lexihb said...
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