Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Lots of Thanksgiving

I think in the past 8 years we've spent one Thanksgiving with family. That makes me so sad. And yet, it's amazing how you adjust and adapt and we've still had WONDERFUL Thanksgivings every year. I have learned so much doing things on my own, and we have made some priceless memories with friends.

This year was no different. I share this next memory on the blog because first and foremost this is a record of our family. I write the things I will want to look back on and remember, and I asked Nate to take pictures of his outing because I want the kids to remember it. In no way am I trying to say that our family has done some great thing. We felt so blessed and were full of gratitude during November, and I always think of the lines "because I have been given much I too must give" when I am feeling thankful. We have a member in our ward who we felt was in need, and we wanted to help him out. Nate took the kids grocery shopping and picked up some things for our friend.

This is our buddy Francois that Nate delivered the food to. Earlier in the week he had asked Nate about the meaning behind Thanksgiving since he has just recently moved here from the Ivory Coast. Nate explained it to him, and we thought this would be another great way to show him what the holiday is all about. 

He played some songs on his guitar for the kids and let each of them give it a try as well. Nate said it was a fantastic morning.

We hosted Thanksgiving and had two families over from church. We have cooked the turkey a few times for Thanksgiving dinners, but I had always made Nate do it. This year I wanted to tackle the bird, and I feel like a real adult now that I have cooked a turkey!

Holidays are always a little crazy and stressful, but I actually felt like Thanksgiving went exactly how I had hoped. It made a HUGE difference that Nate had the kids a lot of the morning so I could cook, clean, and prepare. The Rasmussens and Kings brought delicious food and were such great company.

Despite Jansen's clothing choice, I wouldn't say it was a short sleeve weather kind of day, but it really wasn't too terribly cold. Everyone headed outside for a little bit of football after eating. Jansen ended up in the house in tears because things weren't "fair," but that was no big surprise to me. We are learning lots of life lessons lately. 

Maybe this is when things were starting to be unfair...

We had one more thing planned for the night. I thought it would be neat for the kids to put together kits for the homeless. We filled gallon ziploc bags with various items and plan to hand them out when we are driving and come across someone who could use one.

Here are the kids minus Emmy. Everyone played so well together, and they all watched part of Polar Express to finish off the night. I'm so thankful there are great people everywhere we move. It was a happy Thanksgiving.

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Kami said...

What a great Thanksgiving! And I love that you put those bags together. You have such a good heart! Love you to pieces.