Friday, November 1, 2013


Well, I can't believe it has come and gone. I feel like we had a great Halloween, but I was also more homesick than I remember being in past years. I think all the Halloween pictures on Facebook and Instagram (which I love) make me miss family and friends. We carved/painted pumpkins one night. I was so happy to throw those pumpkins in the trash last night after trick or treating though. I feel like we have had pumpkins rolling around every corner of the kitchen since mid October.

Yes, we paint topless around here. Messy children lose shirt privileges sometimes.

This is a picture before our ward Trunk or Treat. Emmy was Strawberry Shortcake. I tried to untangle that hair a little, but you know how hard it can be with a Barbie or My Little Pony. Can you imagine trying to do a whole wig? I had to give up. Natalie wanted to be a ninja this year, and Jansen is Percy Jackson.

This year Jansen and Natalie's school had "fall parties" instead of Halloween ones, and they weren't allowed to wear costumes. It was like the end of an era. I'm sure more and more schools will do this in the future, and it makes me sad. They were supposed to wear orange for "orange you glad you are drug free" or something like that. Smiles from Jansen are still hard to come by.

Emmy and I spent Halloween morning at a park with some friends. 

 And finally Halloween night...this time Emmy is a ladybug. The glasses were a last minute addition. Natalie ended up leaving the pot lid turned shield at home. Unfortunately Nate was working, so he didn't get to come trick or treating with us.

It rained on us, but it almost felt refreshing. It was never heavy enough to ruin our night, and the temperature was perfect. A lot of older people live in the homes around us, and it was fun to see them enjoying Halloween night and happy to see kids at their doors.

  Nate was home when we got back, and everyone got to bed at a reasonable hour. Montgomery School District gets big points for not having school the next day. It was nice to take the morning after Halloween slow and easy.


lexihb said...

I was so excited to see these pictures, and they did not disappoint! The first picture of them all in their costumes made me laugh out loud, they all just look so perfect!

Kami said...

So fun! I love that picture of everyone at the trunk-or-treat. Haha! It totally suits their moods/personalities. Loved it!

Lindsey said...

I've been especially homesick lately and I've chalked it up to all the instagram/facebook updates about fall too. Growing up, we never got to dress up at school, right? I do remember being nicknamed "Halloweenie" for wearing black and orange though :)