Sunday, October 6, 2013


We had a happy Sunday. It was General Conference, and Steve and Jody were here to enjoy the slow, relaxing day with us. Steve made pancakes (chocolate chip for the kids, banana for most of the adults), and the boys spent some time recording the birds they've seen recently.

Since we're on Eastern Standard Time, Conference doesn't start until 12. We had plans to take a little walk at a park nearby, but the kids found some rakes in the garage and were happy as can be raking leaves.

It has been really warm. I think the high today was like 88...warm enough to go shirtless if that's your thing.

Jody humored me and let snap some pictures of her. We were sad to drop her and Steve off at the airport today. I always hate walking back into the house after saying goodbye to visitors. It feels quiet and lonely.

These three kept themselves busy pretty well during Conference. There were fights, messes, and cushion forts as well, but all in all I was able to listen to most of it. Thank was a much needed spiritual refill.

Someday my kids will realize how lucky they are; we let them have some type of dessert after most dinners if they eat all their food. It works. Most nights it's usually a handful of chocolate chips, but tonight it was fudgsicles all around. 


Michelle said...

Yes, day they will begin to understand just how lucky and blessed they truly are! Seriously, who wouldn't want to be born into your family!?
It looks like an absolutely wonderful day was had by all. Great pictures. I sure miss you guys (as do we all)! :)

Lindsey said...

I bet Nate is having so much fun with all the East Coast birds. I remember when we first moved to Virginia, I seriously kept thinking, "Nate would love to see this bird and that bird." So many cool, vibrant birds.

Kent and Leisy said...

jess- your pictures are awesome!!