Sunday, August 18, 2013

Staying Busy

I didn't realize until now that it has been about a week since I blogged. I was asked to speak at church this Sunday, so I have been spending most of my free time working on that. I had a really unique topic: I Know My Teacher Loves Me. Glad to have that done. 

Only one more week till school starts. Starting school is always exciting, but I'm trying not to worry too much about things like sending the kids on a bus, not having them back home till almost 4, and imagining little Natalie eating lunch and being at school all day. 

A few of the parks out here have mini trains that run through them. We rode one this week and even saw a deer. The Rasmussens are another family new to the area, and we have been having so much fun going on adventures with them.

We went to the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. I almost deleted this picture when I saw it, but then I realized that it's actually the kind of thing I will love looking back on some day. The phase Jansen went through when he never wanted to smile for the camera...

But he will pose like this. :) 

I let them each do one ride and both Jansen and Emmy chose the carousel. So far, my kids take after me and they don't have much of a stomach or desire for the real rides.

They each chose a treat as well. There were candy apples, funnel cakes, and cotton candy, but they wanted good old ice cream, and Emmy just wanted an extremely over priced cookie.

I am so intrigued by the idea that these animals are a way of life for some people. It's what they know and enjoy, and it's how many of them earn a living. 

Yesterday we visited Great Falls National Park. Nate and I have to have a great deal of patience on these outings, because all the kids really want to do is fill their pockets with rocks.

Jansen worked and worked to free this rock from the ground until I finally started threatening him with consequences if he didn't catch up to us.

Saturday was also a Primary activity. There was a huge slip n slide at the bishop's house. They kids loved it so much, even Emmy. Nate was at one of his football games, so it was nice to have something to fill up the morning.


Anonymous said...

You know I want to ride the slip and slide. See if you can arrange that for when I come. Keep checking things out and then you will know what is worth seeing or not when we come!

Annie said...

First of all I kind of feel sorry for the lady in the red pants next to Jansen. It's not her most flattering picture. Second, I'm awfully glad I don't go on hikes with you because I don't allow anyone to police how many rocks I put in my pockets. Third, that water slide is epic.