Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Bits

I just HATE taking my kids to the grocery store. I actually haven't taken all 3 of them shopping even once while we've lived here. I did have to take them in to get a FastPass transmitter so we could go on the toll roads. They all had to get a tiny cart, everyone was asking for a candy bar, and Emmy was carried out crying. This store has a program where you do your shopping online, pull up at the store at a time you've chosen, and then they have it all ready for you and load it into your car. And it's free. It doesn't eliminate all my grocery shopping, but it has sure helped.

I took this picture before Nate left for one of Good Counsel's football games. It's kind of the "grown up" version of a first day of school picture.
And he took this one at a game.

There have been some great plans being made at this house to capture a squirrel.

Some bait...

...and a leash

We have a really fun park just up the street from our house. We love to walk there.

Sometimes my big kid is still a little kid.

Every morning after she wakes up, Emmy has me bring her pillow and blankets and we make her a little place on our recliner. She asks for books and some milk.

She makes me so happy.

Jansen has loved digging in the backyard lately. Everyone tells me the summer this year has been very mild. I'm grateful...the kids have spent a lot of time outside, and it's not too hot and humid.


Lara H. said...

I love seeing all your adventures! Your yard is seriously amazing, and little Emmy cracks me up! Miss ya Jess!

Anonymous said...

That shopping thing sounds great! You need to tell me if you have actually used it yet (now that you have the pass) and if they got everything right? Won't that be great in the winter if you just need milk or something? Can't wait to check everything out. Emmy has founda great way to ease into the morning. I actually wish they would catch a squirrel. Get some better bait!