Sunday, July 21, 2013

Goodbye to Las Vegas

Shortly after moving to Las Vegas 3 years, ago I posted on Facebook "I miss Ohio." Well, I sure miss Las Vegas right now. Nate and I have been talking about how difficult these moves are for me. I think it's because I really treasure the relationships I have with people. The greatest of friends and the newest of friends really mean a lot to me. My heart literally aches as I think about and remember the friends I left in Las Vegas. I'm so thankful that I loved them all enough to have it hurt to leave them though. One Sunday evening before the move, the Scows had an open house at their home and friends came and stopped in to say "goodbye." We had a wonderful bishop in the Harmony Hills ward and his wife was equally awesome. A new ward was formed the first couple months after we moved in, so it was a wonderful experience to grow together as a new unit.

There are so many special people I didn't get a picture of, but below are many that we love so much and will miss dearly!


Jaime Lynne said...

Your statement: "I'm so thankful that I loved them all enough to have it hurt to leave them" really inspired me. That's a great perspective to have, one I think I'll adopt today. It's been four months and I still have daily moments where I miss someone from LV so much my heart aches. But I will cling to your words.

The Perkins family was one of our most difficult goodbyes. It's neat to know they touched your lives, too.

Thinking of you as your adjustments continue. Happy to see your internet is up and running now!

Lara H. said...

Seeing everyone makes me miss them all over again too! We have been gone a year and a half, and I still miss HH Ward!! I hope things get easier and that you get settled. Can't wait to see all your posts from MD!! Hugs girl!

Knudson Family said...

Jess, I was just thinking about your family today as I sat in're on to new adventures! I'm sad that we missed the goodbye party...Hope settling in is going great there.

Kami said...

I can't imagine how hard that is to move so far away. You are a champ! Love you! I also love that pic of Natalie with her swimsuit on. She looks so mad. Haha!

Scott and Jenesee said...

We miss you! Today in primary they were drawing kids's names from the jar and Natalie's name was called. All the kids quickly began correcting us that you guys were moving. Emma Burnham said with the saddest tone, "they ALREADY moved, and I miss her Sooo much!" It was very cute. We haven't forgotten you're family here!