Wednesday, June 12, 2013

30 Hours of Awesomeness

Shadoe, Julie, Katie and I managed to squeeze in one more overnight trip to St. George before I move. I have really been looking forward to it, but also stressing out because Nate was going to take all 3 kids camping by himself while I was gone. More on that in another post. We got tickets to see Mary Poppins at Tuacahn on Friday night, but first we had to stop and get some treats. 

I just love the atmosphere at Tuacahn, especially after the sun goes down and I can look at the dark desert sky. It was SO hot this night though. Our show didn't even start until 8:45, but we were all very hot for the entire evening. Something about the chairs we were sitting on made us all sweat, sweat, sweat. Of course we still loved every minute of it.

This was one of those pictures that I was so embarrassed to ask someone to take...and SO happy we did. Favorite picture from the trip.

We tried out a place called Swig that everyone has been ranting and raving about, but none of were impressed AT ALL. The sugar cookies were delicious, but that's about it.

Not much to take pictures of when all you do is shop and eat all day! I love that these girls like to do the same things I do.

This was just as we pulled up to my house...just showing off a few of our bags. I was so sad our weekend was over. I still needed to run to the store that night for some things because we were hosting a dinner at our house Sunday night. I also had to finish writing a talk I was giving in sacrament meeting. It was a very busy but great weekend.


Kami said...

So fun! Glad you got to do that!

Kendra said...

Your so fired :) JK I would have loved to see you, but you were with friends, totally understandable ;) did you love the show? Maddie went with her friends last week and loved it!

PS I don't like swig at all. Everyone loves it, but it is really a gross place to me since the last time I went there I got an avalanche (snowcone with ice-cream) and the lady that took my money was scooping the snowcone and ice cream off the spoon with her bare hands and then playing with her hair...yuck. won't go there again. the cookies are good, but not worth $1.50!