Friday, May 3, 2013

Cool People Weekend

Last weekend was busy and fabulous. Kami flew in Friday afternoon. That evening, as part of a "residency retreat," we had dinner with all the 3rd year Family Medicine residents (and Kami came.) It was fancy schmancy place in the Aliante Casino and our combined bill for about 6 couples was over $700. YIKES. I'd rather have In n Out. :)

Serious faces:

We took Nate's truck and joked about how Nate looked like a polygamist. 

Saturday morning Natalie had a soccer game. We heeded the call of the ice cream man and all got a cool treat. 

Saturday afternoon we attended the baptism of the Ackley's. Nate is actually their doctor, and he delivered their 3rd baby a few months ago. They asked him to baptize them. What a great thing to be a part of at the end of our time here. 

Later that day Kami and I got to have a night out. I told her she had to have the fries and shakes at Max Brenner, so we headed to Caesar's Palace. 

Sunday we attended the Ackley's ward for sacrament meeting so that Nate could participate in their confirmation. Then we had the greatest family stop by for a quick visit that afternoon after church...the Gazdiks...Bro. Gazdik was our bishop while we lived in Columbus. We just love their whole family. 

This tells you how cool they are. I asked everyone to make a silly face and totally thought no one would do it. But everyone pulled through!

Oh boy. Sunday night we spoke at a stake youth fireside on the topic of judging righteously. This fireside had been haunting me all week and took hours of preparation. We were supposed to each speak for about 25 minutes, but Nate knew that would totally stress me out. I think I did about 15 minutes, and he did the rest.

I loved walking in from the fireside to see these girls and knew that my night needed to end with ice cream. Janeen lives in Vegas, and I just adore her. I was so glad she came over for dinner and to chat and hang out. I got to spend most of Monday with Kami, and then she flew out that afternoon. :( It's always so hard to say goodbye. We had an awesome weekend though.


Lindsey said...

2 things:

I want a girls' weekend with you and Kami.

I wish I could have heard you and Nate at the fireside. I'm sure it was phenomenal.

That's all :)

Melinda said...

I love that most ice cream vans look thrown a pedophile just stuck a bunch of ice cream stickers on the side with the blaring, creepy circus music. And the scary thing is that it attracts all the children.
Also, I think Emmy is hilarious.